We are collective of change agents for Nature

As a Collective dedicated to Nature, we want to help give her a new voice. One that’s bold rather than bleak. We think this begins by changing our frame of reference. And more importantly by changing our relationship with Nature.

We collaborate with creators, thinkers, and leaders to create measurable impact on the planet.

Nature needs to become something we appreciate, celebrate and elevate, not something we fear and forget. Our projects and activations strive to push beyond traditional Nature narratives.

Our direct and symbiotic relationship with Nature

Rewild Yourself helps to create experiences and opportunities to foster healing, learning, and progress with humans and the natural world.

A new, Earth-centered approach for our legal system.

Now that the movement is firmly established, it is up to us to create a more coordinated global effort to secure the Rights of Nature throughout the world and internationally.

We built a boat out of 12,500 two liter plastic bottles…

called it Plastiki, and sailed it 8000 nautical miles from San Francisco to Sydney. Plastiki’s Pacific voyage was just the beginning.

Start living the future today

Pulse will bring together a multi-disciplinary team, in order to foster, curate, and showcase a collection of cutting edge technologies that will create a truly unique, one-of-a-kind expedition fueled only by clean energy and human potential.

We can live without single use plastics.

Beat Plastic Pollution Day: living without throwaway plastic goods and telling the world it’s time to put a stop to plastic pollution.

Nature Readings: Edition 05

Voice for Nature Foundation

Voice for Nature Foundation was founded in 2006 to promote a more positive relationship with the natural world.

Our unwavering commitment to a thriving natural world, has lead us to focus on supporting individuals and organizations whose bold ideas push beyond the confines of conventional thinking to have real and measurable impact.


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The Voice

Nature Readings: Edition 05

1. Fungi are going luxury A new collaboration between Stella McCartney and Bolt Threads sees Mylo™—the vegan, sustainable, animal-free leather alternative made from mushrooms—go mainstream.…

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Nature Readings: Edition 04

1. The Joys of Silence One organization’s fight against auditory pollution. “It’s estimated that 90% of American children will never experience natural silence, while 97%…

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Nature Readings: Edition 03

1. How to Make Your Dollars go Farther The New York Times recommendation for how to make your green dollars count. “You bring your canvas…

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