We want to give Nature a new voice, one that’s bold rather than bleak. Nature needs to become something we appreciate, celebrate and elevate, not something we fear and forget. Our activations strive to push beyond traditional Nature narratives. We believe that, like in Nature itself, abundance, diversity, cooperation, and exchange is what leads to innovation and evolution.

It’s time to give Nature a new voice



Change the conversation around Nature

We believe that Nature needs a new narrative that sparks curiosity, inspires new thinking, and informs audiences about living in harmony with Nature. Changing our relationship with Nature requires changing our frame of reference. We’ll use awe-inspiring stories to shift people’s perception of Nature from a fear-based problem to solve or ignore, to that of partnership and a constant source of inspiration.

We work with partners and collaborators to provide resources and financial support for creators who are developing stories that celebrate and elevate Nature, deepen our understanding of its value and impact, and reinforce our connection to it.

Conservation & restoration

The rapid expansion of the human population and industrialization of society has led to seemingly irreversible damage to Nature. We are committed to undoing the impacts created by humans, protecting these lands and their inhabitants from further harm, and creating access to the natural world for generations to come.

We work with and support organizations that are pioneering the restoration and protection of natural environments and their species.

Legal Rights For Nature

Nature has no voice in government. Politicians are elected to represent their human constituents while Nature’s interests go unheard. The result is that politicians often favor short-term economic gains and incessant development over the dire need and collective responsibility to maintain healthy and functioning ecosystems. In the long term, this imperils all life on Earth, including humans, as demonstrated by the ongoing global environmental crisis.

We are developing the first-ever funding network specifically targeting the advancement of the Rights of Nature in law and society. Establish Nature’s voice within governance by creating a “Global Nature Party” and empowering political candidates to run for office on behalf of ecosystems.

Nature Connectedness

Spending time in Nature is scientifically proven to be beneficial to human health.  Establishing an affinity with Nature and creating memories in Nature fosters a connection and empathy to respect and protect it. Unfortunately to date, only a privileged few have had the opportunity to access and enjoy Nature. We believe having access to Nature is a human right that should be shared by everyone, no matter your socioeconomic status, race, or gender. We all need Nature, and right now, Nature needs us.

We work with our partners and collaborators to provide and support programs and organizations dedicated to connecting us with nature and creating access to Nature especially for urban communities, and the young explorers of the world.


Voice for Nature is a collective endeavor. Our vision is realized through collaborative actions. The passion, initiative, and commitment of our partners continually inspire us. Together we change the conversation around Nature and create measurable positive impact in the world.

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Sharing insights into our passions and purpose has helped to create dialogue on behalf of Nature. We can all become a Voice for Nature.


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