We built a boat out of 12,500 two liter plastic bottles…

called it Plastiki, and sailed it 8000 nautical miles from San Francisco to Sydney. Plastiki’s Pacific voyage was just the beginning.

A new, Earth-centered approach for our legal system.

Now that the movement is firmly established, it is up to us to create a more coordinated global effort to secure the Rights of Nature throughout the world and internationally.

We can live without single use plastics.

Beat Plastic Pollution Day: living without throwaway plastic goods and telling the world it’s time to put a stop to plastic pollution.

Start living the future today

Pulse will bring together a multi-disciplinary team, in order to foster, curate, and showcase a collection of cutting edge technologies that will create a truly unique, one-of-a-kind expedition fueled only by clean energy and human potential.

Our direct and symbiotic relationship with Nature

Rewild Yourself helps to create experiences and opportunities to foster healing, learning, and progress with humans and the natural world.

Our Actions

Straw Wars

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Natural History Museum Panel

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Nike Camp Hatfield

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Nature Summit

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Levi’s Waterless Campaign

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Crème de la Mer x Oceana Film

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