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Beat Plastic Pollution Day

We can live without single-use plastics. Let’s show that we’re not interested in products or a way of life that pollute our planet with microplastics.

We know that one day a year won’t save the world, but it will bring people together who can. An internationally recognized day will elevate the message and build on the momentum already created by scientists, activists, business leaders, and government who are seeing the need for action and taking it. This will be a day to celebrate, communicate, and reaffirm commitments to eliminate plastic waste.

Beat Plastic Pollution Day: living without throwaway plastic goods and telling the world it’s time to put a stop to plastic pollution.

We are using materials that take thousands of years to breakdown, that have amazing structural properties, and we’re tossing them into the bin, wasting their potential and damaging Nature and ourselves.

One day a year dedicated to beating plastic pollution won’t solve the problem, but it will help to alleviate the dire state of things and encourage action that would give Nature a break by reducing the flow of throwaway plastics into natural environments where it harms wildlife and eventually us.


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