Passion | NTR


NTR is an initiative to shift consumerism to be a source for good by creating consistent funding for the restoration and protection of nature.

Nature needs a new narrative that sparks curiosity, inspires new thinking, and informs audiences about living in harmony with Nature. Changing our relationship with Nature requires changing our frame of reference. We will use awe-inspiring stories to change people’s perception of Nature from a fear-based problem to solve or ignore to that of partnership and a constant source of inspiration.

The rapid expansion of the human population and industrialization of society has led to seemingly irreversible damage to Nature. We are committed to undoing the impacts created by humans, protecting these lands and their inhabitants from further harm, and creating access to the natural world for generations to come.

The environmental movement argument has always been about changing consumer behavior. But the planet is running out of time, to change our behavior. Instead, we need to harness the current culture and use the system for good.






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