Nature Readings: Edition 02

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Nature Readings: Edition 02


Greta’s Grand Adventure

The 16 year old activist sets sail for UN climate talks. “This is a big opportunity for those world leaders who say they’ve been listening to us to actually show that they’ve been listening to us, to actually prove that,” Ms. Thunberg said.”


Unilever Sends Strong Message to Brands

Unilever’s strong stance around purpose aims to send shockwaves throughout the corporate landscape. “We are committed to all our brands having a purpose—we will give them time to identify what this is and how they can take meaningful action,” he says.”


A New Era of Self Love?

The New York Times’ incisive dive into the complex world and the meaning of self-care. “Maybe the new wellness is — to borrow from the Democratic primary candidate and self-help author Marianne Williamson — a return to “love,” instead of fear?”


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Welcome to the first edition of our online magazine, VOICE! We’re so excited to connect with you in this way. As natural storytellers, we wanted…

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