Nature Readings: Edition 03

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Nature Readings: Edition 03


How to Make Your Dollars go Farther

The New York Times recommendation for how to make your green dollars count. “You bring your canvas bags to the grocery store. You walk to work. You’ve cut back on the hamburgers (and the cheese plates, too). But you want to do more to fight climate change. Specifically, you want to do more with your money.”


The “Fashion Pact”

How the fashion industry plans to reduce its global impact. “When you’re in fashion, the best ‘police officer’ is not the state, but it is the consumer, the citizen,” the Kering spokesperson said. “From the moment these companies make public commitments, but the names of the owners, the CEOs, things really have to be put in place.”


Sylvia Plath – Literally

A more literal and less metaphorical take on Sylvia Plath’s Mushrooms. “What do Plath’s lines—so powerfully read as an allegory—tell us if we understand them at face value, as a description of actual mushrooms? What can we gain by thinking about mushrooms themselves—the literal fungus—before we dive into any metaphorical exploration of what mushrooms might represent?”


Mi Zhou’s Soap Pack

One Designer’s solution to reducing personal waste. “Toiletry products such as shampoo are predominantly mass-produced and their packaging incredibly inexpensive to produce. This packaging is not only disposable but also has a very short lifespan, usually just 1-2 months. It is estimated that a single person over a lifetime uses around 800 shampoo bottles, most of which are just thrown away and pollute the environment taking thousands of years to degrade.”


The Internal Benefits of Living Green

It turns out making sustainable life choices is beneficial to more than just the planet. “A growing body of research suggests that, rather than posing a threat to individual wellbeing, adopting a more sustainable lifestyle represents a pathway to a more satisfying life. Numerous studies have found that people who purchase green products, who recycle or who volunteer for green causes claim to be more satisfied with their lives than their less environmentally friendly counterparts.”


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